Growing up most of my friends thought I would end up dead or in jail by my 21st  birthday. I know that most of this was due to my erratic and rebellious tendencies. I was always a smart, athletic and charming. Where did my problem stem from? My mom andKeep Reading
  There’s something about late night working that brings out the best in my brain. I know that many people are resistant to this way of life. In my opinion there’s different strokes for different folks right? Have you ever thought about the idea that everyone has the ability toKeep Reading
Here we are again, 11:09 pm in the “Chi”. Can’t deny this is my favorite time of the day. My daughter is sleeping in the room, I’m alone, and masterminding on the phone with my buddies. Yeah, I love this shit you can say!   It’s at these times IKeep Reading
“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” ―Bruce Lee It’s 12:36 am in Chicago and I’m over here writing my first blog. Most people think that I’m crazy with the countless hours I put in the pursuit of myKeep Reading