Did you see that?


There’s something about late night working that brings out the best in my brain. I know that many people are resistant to this way of life. In my opinion there’s different strokes for different folks right? Have you ever thought about the idea that everyone has the ability to be great? It’s something that crosses my mind on a daily basis. Why? For most of my life I was being forced into a mold. Something similar to pushing a square peg into a round hole. This “mold” was not meant for me to become successful. How many other people are being left in the strainer of life because of this?


So if you noticed the compass at the top of this post you might be thinking what does this have to do with anything? Why does the title say that?


The answer is simple. We live in a society suffering from FOMO. Fear of missing out. This is a very real phenomena. Everyday we are tuning into our smartphones, shedding our skin and bones for status updates and memes. We are so wrapped up in creating this persona online of our highlight moments that we aren’t actively living our lives. If we were navigating through life we would be walking in circles, following the media cycle…


Why is this so bad? It’s not. It’s not good either. Did you see that? We are becoming sheep to our own brains. With the increasing ease of instant gratification we are going down a slippery slope towards contentment. We are far too comfortable with the freedoms that technology and we often take for granted. Yes there is we idea that we deserve to be able to relax from working so hard. What has happened to wanting to build your dream life though?


If anything my problem isn’t with technology or how people spend their time. For me it’s about not settling for a life that you aren’t completely satisfied with. This doesn’t mean divorce your wife, quit your job, or go buy a sports car. What I’m talking about is taking an audit of your life and your choices. List what’s truly benefiting your life and what isn’t. Who is providing value to your existence and who is bringing you down. What your goals and ambitions are as well as what you have put on autopilot. These are the questions that make us uncomfortable.


Guess what..uncomfortable is exactly what you want to feel! This is where growth lives. Growth lives in that space inside of you that is calling out for change or clarity. When you seek this knowledge you will create a new file in your database of life. Life is about creating new experiences and growing as a person.  We can not accomplish that by staying on autopilot.


Take this as a challenge to step outside of your comfort zone today. You never know what might happen if you take that first step that you’ve been putting off your entire life.


Which direction are you going?

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