Month: June 2017

Open Source Life Hacking…

Here we are again, 11:09 pm in the “Chi”. Can’t deny this is my favorite time of the day. My daughter is sleeping in the room, I’m alone, and masterminding on the phone with my buddies. Yeah, I love this shit you can say!


It’s at these times I gain the most value. I can watch content from my thought leaders. I learn from my mentors. Catch up with liked minded night owls. What’s beautiful is that none of them want money. None of it was superficial for financial gain. Everyone is trading value, exchanging ideas and grinding toward a better tomorrow.


It’s like once the sun goes down, everyone goes to sleep, and the clock inches closer to midnight, the vibe shifts. The true hustlers and go-getters wake up and come out to play. It’s a laboratory full of mad scientist…


Open source value.


Everyone is throwing out their value and soaking in everyone else’s. This is when Facebook becomes a melting pot!


This is the first community I’ve ever been a member of that I feel understood in. Where I can be me. Can’t lie, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Open source life hacking… what a concept!


What am I doing and why?

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”
―Bruce Lee

It’s 12:36 am in Chicago and I’m over here writing my first blog. Most people think that I’m crazy with the countless hours I put in the pursuit of my dream life. What a concept right? “Dream Life”. I like the sound of that. How am I supposed to make that a reality though? This is the question that drives me forward on this journey.


Having a vision that is so unrealistic that you’ll do anything to manifest it is exhilarating to me. Really, it is. Imagine if you could accomplish even half of that goal what your life would be like? A lot better right!? I’d imagine so.  That’s the mentality I take when I’m constantly grinding. I love this shit! For real I’ve learned to love the hustle.


What I’m doing here is challenging the traditional model of becoming successful. I want to show as many people as I can that you can make it on your terms. That you don’t have to do what everyone is telling you to do because it’s what makes them comfortable. Learning how to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Constantly pushing your own limits and growing as a person.


These are the visions that drive me. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I know that where I’m going is greater than where I came from!